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Related article: Date: Wed, 01 Jul 1998 21:46:37 +1200 From: Anfernee Williamson Subject: The Afficial NasteeThis file depicts sexual acts between guys. If that shit turns you off, or you find it offensive, then how did you turn up here?!The characters in this story might not be using jimmies, but they aint real. You are. Practice safe sex.The following story is a fantasy involving two of the members of rap group Onyx; Fredro Starr and Sticky Fingaz. The key word there is fantasy, I aint got no idea if their gay, and this story in no way reflects on their sexuality (as far as I know).I dont think it needs to be said, but there it is.Questions, comments, ideas more than welcome at "". Keep it real.Anfernee Williamson of da Undaground Click. (c) 28 June, 1998---THE AFFICIAL NASTEE another Wildstyle tip "Aiight, aiight. New game."Fredro watched Sticky suck another tight breath of weed, blowing out a lazy breath. The smoke drifted, adding to the heavy stink of the cramped lounge. It was dim, lit only by the glow of the tv, the low light of a short lamp. The dimness, the heavy smell, and closeness of the lounge was comfortable."Check dis." Sticky propped himself up onto his elbow on the messed bed. Fredro took the offered blunt, passing the bottle in exchange. "Truth or dare. Yo Preteen Naked know it?"Fredro nodded."You say truth or dare," Sticky explained, upright on the bed, bottle propped between his legs like a phalic object. "Truth, yo get axed a question an' yo aint allowed to lie. Dare, you gotta do whatever da other nigga says. Aiight?""Yeah, aiight."Fredro puffed a short breath, watching Sticky from the only seat in the lounge. "Yo aint allowed to lie, aiight?""Yeah," Fredro managed a tight grin. "I heard da rules nigga...""Aiight, well, cause Im phat like dat, Ima let yo go first." The stockier black took the blunt back from his friend. "I choose truth."Fredro paused. "Any question?""Yeah. Any question.""Aiight..."Fredro paused in thought for a moment, eying his friend on the bed across from where he sat. It wasnt cold in the small flat, but Sticky was still dressed in his urban styles; oversized black Preteen Naked jeans, fatigue shirt and padded black vest. A black woollen beanie completed his look, pulled tight over his bald head."Aiight. Yo know that tape of Sonee's yo lost. What really happened to it?"Sticky grinned slightly, flicking blunt ash. He muttered slightly, glancing back up at Fredro. "It got fucked up in the deck. But yo know I wasnt gonna tell him dat."Fredro smiled back, nodding. "Yeah I KNEW that! Had to be that, man!""Yo KNOW it was his fav. I wasnt gonna tell him I stuffed dat shit up." Sticky stared at the dull glow of the blunt. "Aiight, what yo choosin'? Truth or dare?""Truth." Fredro gave him a short nod. Dressed in a black hooded sweatshirt, and baggy jeans he didnt look too far amiss from his stocky friend. Sticky pondered slightly."Ever swiped money from yo moms?""Nah."Sticky gave him a grin, sucking on the blunt again. "Yo spose to answer da truth, nigga.""Yo, it IS." Fredro replied back, more forcably. His stockier friend looked doubting."Sheeet. Yo aint never? Damn." Sticky chuckled. "Ok, truth."Fredro gave it some thought, leaning back in the chair, both hands on to top of the bottle. "Damn I dunno....this game is shit.""Cmon, nigga! Anything."Fredro stared across the dim lounge. After a moment, he shot a question. "You ever stolen from Joes?"Sticky almost blanched, giving the shorter Fredro a shove. "Ah sheeet nigga! Yo already KNOW da answer to dat. Gimme a real damn question.""You didnt say it had to be one you didnt know da answer to. Go. Truth."Sticky shook his head, disappointed and muttering. "Aiight. Cheap mahfucka.....Im gonna up these stakes nigga. Check dis. Yo a virgin?"Fredros eyes bugged a little. "What?!""Yo heard me bitch. Yo a virgin?" Sticky asked as Fredro stuttered a little, rubbing his hand over his bald dome. "Well, yo axin' dumb questions yo already know da answers to. SOMEONE gotta axe sumpin' decent."Fredro sucked at his full lower lip, his face set. Sticky shoved him again."Answer up, nigga."Fredro shot back a hard look. His light skinned face, high cheekbones and thick lips never looked more intimidating. A slight sheen had already gathered on his dome as he sucked up the courage to admit."Yeah."Sticky grinned widely, puffing out another billow of smoke. "What? I didnt hear yo nigga.""Yeah. Im a fuckin' virgin.""See. Now you got da game correct. Truth."Fredros face was still hard. He felt the sudden threat, of having his secrets revealed, one by one. He could feel a nervious sweat gathering under his heavy black sweatshirt. The short brothers mind flouded with possible questions, anything to get back at Stickys embarrising question. The virgin question in his case had already been more than answered."How bigs your dick?"Even asking the question flushed Fredro a little. He felt the sudden heat of having asked the question of his close friend. Covering his own embarrisement, he downed another swig of alcohol, feeling the warmth draw a heaty sweat under his hoody."Soft or stiff?" Sticky grinned, grabbing a fistful of his baggy groin. Fredro still felt the pain of his Preteen Naked exposure, biting back quickly."Stiff motherfucka...."Sticky breathed smoke, the billow misting the air lazily. "Eight inches."Fredro gave an annoyed glance. Moreso from the stocky blacks seemingly cool responce. His glance dropped ever so slightly as the answer sunk in. Sticky leaned back on the bed, propping himself on his elbows, passing the blunt back Fredros way. Fredro took it up, feeling like the loaded gun had been turned back on him."Truth."Sticky pondered a second as Fredro past the bottle. The shorter black leaned forward on his elbows, glancing again, his eyes dropping away just as quickly. He prepared himself for the next question. The next humiliation he thought, still stinging from the virgin question. At least he knew the terms of the game now."How many times a day yo jack off, nigga?"Fredro gave a calculated responce. "Three times. Maybe four." He quickly shot back. "How many times you do it?"The stocky black chuckled. "Yo, I didnt say truth or dare.""Well, then?" Fredros face twisted in his usual annoyance. Sticky drew it out, gulping from the bottle."Truth.""Answer da question then, nigga. How many times you jack off a day?""Three or four. Like yo. Depends how horny I get fo' it." Sticky took another gulp. Fredro knocked a little ash off the blunt, not smoking, still sweating from the questions. The loaded gun was back on him again."Truth.""Yo ever tasted yo own cum?"Fredro froze. His cuss wasnt audible, but it was there. His light skinned face was hard, his thick lips pursed in a tight grimace. He glanced away from his interrogating friend, staring onto the darker side of the small lounge. Under his sweatshirt, he felt like he was burning up. The room felt way too hot."Yeah."Sticky stayed thankfully silent, Fredro feeling the flush in his lean cheeks. He felt like he had wasted his chance at get back on the last round by shooting back Stickys question. The short black sucked back heavily on the blunt, adding to the rooms slight haze."Aiight, nigga. Truth.""You ever messed around with a guy?"Fredro glanced up, not expecting the slight stumble from Sticky. "Nah." The stocky youth came back stronger, with a half laugh. "Fuck off, nigga. I aint screwed round wit' no niggas.""Straight up?""Yeah. What da fuck is this game, huh? Lie or dare?" Sticky smoothed the answer out, bolting back a mouthful of alcohol. "I aint lyin'. I aint never messed wit' a guy."Score one for the good guys, Fredro thought, almost smiling. The gun turned back on him again, almost like some strange russian roulette of dark, deep secrets. The gun had finally gone off on Sticky that round. Fredro leaned back into the seat, tugging at his sagging jeans a little. He tried a different tack."Dare.""I dare yo to take off yo shirt."Fredro was taken aback a little but the quickness of the dare. Even the nature of the dare. He shot it back quickly."I will if you take off yours too.""Aiight."Fredro paused slightly, but Sticky was already shrugging back his padded vest, slipping it off his arms. Fredro followed suit, dragging his heavy sweatshirt up off his chest. He paused slightly, not even knowing why, even though he was a little shy at baring his chest to his friend. Sticky had seen his naked torso a fair few times, but Fredros shy nature was still there. He waited until Sticky had tossed aside his vest and started unbuttoning his fatigue shirt before taking his own baggy white tshirt off.The short black dropped the shirt down the side of the seat. He shuffled a little, sitting back, then leaning forward as he tried to cover himself as best he could without making it look obvious. Sticky was still undoing his shirt, slowly revealing a stocky chest with each button. Fredro found himself looking a little, puffing on the blunt as Sticky finished, pulling the shirt back off stocky arms. Fredro tried not to stare, taking in Stickys light skinned chest in slight glances.Fredro felt the silence. The heat. Sticky gave him a lingering glance that he could almost feel. The light skinned black wasnt as big as Sticky on build, but in his early 20s, he was still carrying the athletic build of a teenhood on the streets. Fredro felt his sweat drying a little, at least slightly relieved at the change in temperature stripping off gave. Even if Stickys gaze was a little uncomfortable in its place."Aiight. Where was we?" Sticky said. He grabbed up the bottle from where he had put it down beside the bed. " Truth or dare?""Truth." Fredro was starting to feel that 'dare' was about as dangerous as 'truth'. He leaned back, trying to relax a little in his half naked state, still feeling Stickys gaze. The short black returned it."Yo ever fantasized about messin' wit' guys when yo jacked off?"Fredro sucked in a breath. Why the hell was he still playing this fucked up game? He felt the sting again, hearing the liquid slosh in the bottle as Sticky gulped again. He felt the heat returning again to his athletic form. He coughed up the answer somehow."Yeah." He quickly eyed the bottle, wishing he had something to down. Fredro quickly slicked the answer over before Sticky could say anything else. "Truth or dare?""Dare."Fredro fought out quickly for something. Anything. "I dare you skull the rest of that bottle." That coulda been better, he thought.Sticky gave him a slight glance, lifting the bottle. There wasnt too much left in the bottom, as he swilled it around a little. Sticky lifted back the bottle, skulling the liquid slowly, but surely, gulp after gulp.Fredro watched silently. He found himself looking Sticky over a little, the stocky blacks eyes pinned on the ceiling as he drunk. Fredro eyes flashed over those stocky shoulders, taking in the course underarm hair, where Stickys arm held the bottle back up to his mouth. Those dark nipples, the slight hint of hair between those pecs. Stickys stomach was the same stocky build as the rest of his light skinned body. A thickish trail of course backgrowing hair drew Fredros eyes down to the bulge in Stickys baggy jeans. He couldnt get out of his mind his friends admittance to his size there.Fredro shifted a little, tugging at his own jeans, ashamed of the sudden sturring in his groin. Sticky breathed a long breath, dropping the bottle down the side of the bed. He gave Fredro a grin."Truth or dare?"The short black wanted it to stop there. He paused slightly. Something made him call "truth". His eyes fell on Stickys groin again slightly, seeing the slight jut there, seemingly unknown or uncared by the stocky youth. Fredro felt the gun turn again on him."Yo ever fantasized 'bout messin' wit' Sonee when yo jacked off?"His heart thumped. Hard. Fredro felt the burn again, his throat dry. He knew the answer. He didnt want to say that he had thought about their other group member when he was doing it. Three or four times a day. Tasting his own cum. While still a fucking virgin. His face twisted a little as he admitted it, at almost a whisper. Fredro felt like a kid scorned."Yeah.""Truth.""You ever tasted your cum?" The question seemed to be enough. Fredro just wanted to make Sticky feel the slight amount of discomfort he was feeling. It didnt seem to work."Fuck off. Nah. I aint tasted dat shit." Fredro stayed silent, his high cheekboned face still hard, his lips pursed in that hard grimace."Truth."Sticky paused for a moment. Fredro felt his eyes again, feeling his cock stirring uncomfortably in his jeans. His heart thumped in his chest, his dick rising completely against his wants with each beat. The next question came. Fredro almost knew it."Yo ever fantasized about messin' wit' me when yo jacked off?"Fredro looked Sticky straight in the eyes. He felt the uncomfortable size of a full erection in his baggy jeans, his heart pounding like a drum. The sweat was running off his slick dome as he glared almost definately."Yeah."Sticky leaned forward, taking the blunt where Fredro had left it in the ashtray. He leaned back on the bed, puffing slightly, staying silent. Fredro couldnt help notice in his extreme embarrisment the large bulge that had risen in Stickys jeans. The stocky black looked as though he was as erect as him."Truth."Fredro stumbled with his question. "You ever thought Preteen Naked about doing shit with guys?""Nop." Sticky seemed still way too cool. It infuriated Fredro, the stocky youth blowing another puff of the blunts smoke. Fredro shot back a venomous reply."You fuckin' lying."Sticky blew it off. "Nah I aint. We both tellin' da truth here, aint we?"Fredro swept unknowingly with flow of the game, embarrised, sweating, erect. Angry. "Truth, motherfucka.""Yo gay?""What the FUCK?!""I axed if yo was gay, nigga."Fredros face twisted. He stumbled, all but spluttering. "I....ah....I dont...." He shook, barely able to speak. "I dont fuckin' know! NAH! What the fuck?! I aint! I aint fuckin' gay!" Fredros athletic chest and shoulders rose and fell quickly, slick with nervious sweat. He cussed at Sticky, his face hard, twisted in an angry grimace. The fuming anger spoke volumes beyond his stuttered lies."Dare.""I dare you suck my fuckin' cock, you fuckin' bitch!"Fredro froze. Sticky sat unmoving on the bed opposite him. The small, dark lounge fell silent, save Fredros rasping pants. A long moment past before Sticky let the smoke escape his lungs, drifting softly outwards. Fredro took a gulp of air, his breathing calming slightly as he realised what he had just said."Aiight."Fredro stayed silent. His mind swum. He opened his mouth almost as if to say something. Something stopped it as Sticky put the blunt back into the ashtray. Fredros mind scrambled to work out what had just passed in his anger. Through the confusion he realised what he'd dared Sticky to do. And that Sticky had said yes."Aiight...." Stickys voice was lower. Fredros cock throbbed in his baggy jeans. He hadnt misheard him. He felt like he had a crowbar stuck down the front of his pants.The stocky youth stood up, Fredros eyes following his movements closely. Sticky nodded towards the bed slightly. "I cant get at yo joint in dat seat. Sit on da bed."Fredro stood up. He barely remembered doing it. He had no idea why he had. He couldnt believe what he had said, still. He couldnt believe what he was about to do. It was crazy! It had to be a mistake. He dared him to do WHAT?! Part of Fredro held back, confused, slightly lost. Fearful. A stronger part of him, a part that throbbed in his rock hard member, moved him in front of his stocky friend.Sticky put a hand on his athletic shoulder. It felt reassuring, dispite the circumstances. Fredro felt those eyes, reassurance too, softer, that thick black beanie still tight over his bald dome. Stickys hand drifted down his back, motioning him towards the bed. Fire danced down his slicked body. A shudder. A tight suck of air. Fredro sat down on the end of the bed where Sticky had been for most the night."Yo....ah....yo dont have to do this dare, man..." Fredro found himself stuttering. Sticky was already kneeling down at the foot of the bed. The stockier black looked up at him."Nah, its all good, nigga. A dares a dare," Sticky stayed there silent a moment, the silence slightly unnerving. "What? Yo dont think Im man enough to do it? Dat it?""No. Its cool."Fredros mind swum, saying yes and no at the same time. A million questions ran through the short blacks brain. 'Hes doing it cause Im daring him too?', 'Hes doing it cause he thinks Im gay?', 'Hes doing it cause he wants to?' Stickys hand on his thigh silenced him mind a moment, overcoming it with the arrousal and pleasure of the moment."Its cool, nigga," Sticky replied. His voice was low, his eyes moving slowly. "Open yo pants up fo' me...."Fredros heart thumped as he slipped his hand onto his belt, undoing it. Reason kept tugging him away from the act. His arrousal spoke louder, made his fingers tug open his top button as Stickys hands moved to help him. The many fantasies he had had of Sticky while jacking off flouded to reality, throbbing in his erection. His heart thumped as Stickys hands too over where his had slowed, opening his fly properly, tugging at his baggy jeans and boxers."Sit up a bit, nigga."Stickys voice was dead low. Shakey, his eyes pinned on his stocky friend, Fredro moved up a little. Stickys firm hands eased down his boxers and jeans. Fredros erection slipped into view as his pants went down his thighs. Sticky kept pulling until he Preteen Naked sat naked, his penis standing against his stomach.Fredro stayed silent. The fear and embarrisement of being exposed was dulled by the arrousal of having his close friend before him. Stickys hands ran lightning along his athletic thighs, drawing a shudder as they slipped onto his hips. Fredro watched silently, panting as Stickys hand slipped around his throbbing six inches."Yo da bomb...." Sticky muttered, easing Fredro fully onto his back. Fredro moaned as his stocky friend eased back his skins, moving into a better position to suck him.Fredro watched in silence, his mind now far past the point of protest or reason. All thought of the game, or the embarrisement, or anything slipped from his mind as the pleasure of Stickys touch roamed his athletic body. He found himself muttering words he couldnt remember, as Sticky squeezed his skins upward again, drawing a drop of precum. Stickys strong hand slipped between his thighs, cupping his balls, squeezing and working them, as his head moved downward.Fredro cussed, his light skinned face twisting a little. Stickys hot, wet mouth moved down over his thick head, taking him in, slowly, drawing the act out. The shorter black reached down, his hands seeking Stickys shoulders and head, the source of his pleasure. Fredros hands pulled back Stickys beanie, caressing his smooth, bald head as Stickys tongue caressed his sexual head.Stickys mouth moved down, swallowing in deep mouthfuls Fredros stiff organ. The light skinned black groaned, almost in pain from his sudden pleasure. Everything below the waist burned with warm, wet pleasure, Stickys mouth, his hand stroking his cock, his hand rubbing his balls. His mind was lost in the reality and fantasy of Stickys act. The stocky black sucked more aggressively on his member, moving back to his head and down again, in a noisey, tight suck."Im gonna nut bruddah," Fredro moaned. His hand was locked on Stickys stocky shoulder, his other still smoothing over his bald dome. Fredro muttered more urgently as Stickys mouth punished him sexually, stronger, more firm. The strong slurping fulled the air as Sticky moved up and down Fredros rigid flesh."Yo Sticky! Ease up! Ah damn, bro! Im gonna nut!"Fredros face twisted, his hips squirming under Sticky as his peak rose sharply within him. A sudden, wet release fulled his body with warmth, releasing tension, the anger, a thick rope of white sperm. Stickys mouth opened, swallowing cock and semen as it squirted in rhymic streams of manhood. Fredros hands were locked onto his stocky friend as he came, his mouth moaning, muttering in the pleasure of release. He slowed, Stickys tongue still caressing his loosening member, taking cum.Fredro lay naked, panting heavily, staring at the ceiling as he came to terms with what had happened. What was going through his mind. How he had ended up naked under his close friend. How he had fulled his mouth with his cum. The weight Preteen Naked of Stickys hot body against his drew his eyes to his friends."Did yo like gettin' sucked by me an' nuttin' in my mouth?""Yeah." The shame of admitting wasnt there. Fredro felt the answer come very easily.Fredro felt Sticky all over him suddenly, for some reason, right then. He was aware of Stickys hand on his chest, easing down onto the side of his sweaty body. Aware that Sticky hadnt moved off him, of his eyes looking him over slowly. Fredro left the silence of the moment alone, putting his hand on Stickys slick shoulder, feeling his breathing, aware of his own, and his second erection."Dare?" Fredro asked after a moment longer. Sticky looked up slightly, matching the shorter youths gaze. He nodded."Drop yo pants?"Sticky eased himself up, Fredro watching the stocky black closely as he rose over him. Fredro found his hands moving quickly to help his friend with his belt. The baggy jeans slipped away, Stickys eight inch penis bowing forward under its heavy weight as he ditched his jeans. Fredro shifted as Sticky eased him up the bed, lying with him finally, taking him in his stocky arms."Dont say shit," Sticky whispered. Fredro slipped his hands onto Stickys strong back. Shaking with his closeness, of his Preteen Naked huge member pressed against him, and his weight on his. "Yo dont gotta dare me nuthin'. Ima do what ever yo want me to, nigga."Fredros mind begged to ask Sticky, dare him, thinking somehow he wouldnt. The thought must have crossed Stickys, or betrayed by Fredros athletic form, or face. A moment later Stickys mouth eased onto his, his hand stroking back over his bald dome. Fredro gripped him tight, as if not wanting the reality of what was happening to escape him. Finally, it was gonna happen. Finally, with the one person he only dreamed would do it.Fredro went with the kisses, as Sticky claimed his thick lips. He felt his stocky friends tongue ease between his lips, opening up a whole new sensation and pleasure. Fredro opened his mouth wider, Stickys mouth moving further in on his. He groaned, feeling Stickys huge member burn against his own as the stocky youth moved on him.Fredro surrendered himself totally to Sticky. Mouth, mind, body and soul. Somewhere the movements became something more, sweaty bodies moving against each other. What had started as a powerful blowjob had moved from sex to love. Fredros hands roamed all over Stickys firm body, onto his ass, back up to his smooth head. Stickys mouth moved onto his neck, the wet pleasure moving as unfelt sensations washed over Fredros athletic body."Take me it, man."Sticky gazed up from kissing Fredros athletic chest. "Yo sure?""Yeah, Im sure." Fredro panted heavily, stroking Stickys stocky shoulders. "I want yo too."Sticky nodded slightly, muttering, kissing softly again at Fredros nipple. His hand was there again, where it had been when he had sucked him off. Stickys strong hand rubbed up over Fredros hairy Preteen Naked balls, stroking downward firmly. A finger slipped again into the smooth crack of his ass. The sensation felt familiar, except this time there was no wet pleasure burning in his cock, blinding the feelings. Stickys fingers stroked and rubbed over Preteen Naked that soft spot, moist with sweat.Fredro moved up a little. Sticky gazed into his eyes again. His sweaty body was between his widestread legs. Fredros eyes dropped, over sweaty, stocky muscle. Down to that hard organ, still stiff, glistening with moisture. The shorter black reached out slowly, grasping that burning brand, slipping his hand down its length. Sticky let out a moan, shuddered. Fredro felt his hand move an eternity of thick heat, before he felt the scratch of Stickys pubic hair.Fredro slowly stroked Stickys length, feeling the wet under his palm, smearing the youths juices about his broad head. Stickys foreskin stayed back, tight, exposing his weeping eye, his arrousal and Fredros touch making his dick drool. Fredro felt Stickys fingers push, easing against his sweaty hole. He gasped as Sticky moved forward, taking his lips in a kiss again. His body responded to the small penetration as Stickys mouth took his again.Fredros hand delivered back the pleasure that his body felt, through his slow moving hand that soon slurped Sticky length. His other hand roamed hot, stocky flesh, over that slicked head. Stickys hot lips took his again, still tasting and smelling of the alchole they had both been drinking. Fredro felt his need and arrousal peaking as Stickys finger probed deeper, suddenly sparking a blinding wave of pleasure through his body.The stocky black felt Fredros responce, easing back, watching his gasping expression. Fredro was moaning, his athletic body writhing as that finger rubbed firmly against his spot. Stickys hand rode gently up his body, drawing further pleasure, as his finger drew a higher threshold deep in his friends ass.Fredro panted. His hand moved quickly, mindlessly on Stickys big member. Their eyes connected, deeply, as they drew heavy pleasure on each others bodies. Fredros own eyes were wide, almost disbelieving as his virginal senses were blinded by unfelt pleasures. Sticky looked back, his gaze calm, stocky shoulders still heaving."Fuck!"A glimpse of confusion past Fredros straining face, a brief taste of salt past his lips, wet, almost overbaring. The realisation past over him as another splash of hot cum trailed up his muscular form, catching him again in the face. Fredro stopped jacking Sticky, taken aback. It began to run in quick drips down his body, from the stream streaked up his light skinned body. Throbs of thick white added to the stream in lessening blows."Fuck," Sticky panted heavily. He gently wrapped his hand around Fredros, easing it of his drooping cock. "Yo, Im sorry, nigga.""Its cool," Fredro grinned, a glob of cum glistening on his high cheekbone. "Ive fantasized about how much yo really cum too...""Stop fantasizin'...."Fredro wrapped his arms around Stickys strong body, feeling the blacks finger still deep in his ass. The stocky youth gently kissed the cum off Fredros face. Fredro took his chance, turning his head slightly, brushing his lips against Stickys. The bigger youth eased his finger out of Fredros hot center, smearing his ample stream of cum between them as he embraced Fredro, taking his lips again.The two kissed deeply again, lips meshing as each of them consumed the others. Fredro found his hands rubbing, gripping, his body responding under Stickys with a powerful need. He felt the strength in Stickys thick body, in his lips, personified in the huge cock that was again throbbing against his stomach. So large, so capible, from the evidence smeared between their bodies, surrounding them with the stench of sex.Fredro groaned against Stickys mouth, disappointed slightly as his mouth pulled from his. The warmth wandered his neck, licking slowly at that which made his athletic chest sticky. Fredro muttered silently as those lips kissed slowly down his body. His hands eased up onto Stickys bald head, gently coaxing him downward. He watched as Stickys hot mouth lingered soft pleasure on his stiffen organ, licked at his Preteen Naked nuts.Fredro felt his legs spread under his friends strong hands, a sudden, very warm sensation against his ass. He heard the gentle sucking, knowing the source of the pleasure; as always, Stickys hot mouth. His ass opened gently under Stickys fingers, his tongue moving inward as it had on his mouth. Warmth spread again through his light skinned body.The warm around them was hot, their bodies sticky with semen and sweat. Fredro remained silently, grunting quietly only now and then as Sticky pushed both tongue and fingers deeper inside him. It seemed like an eternity before Sticky moved back onto him. His weight pressed down on him again, Stickys hand, wet with saliva and spit, working against his thick member."Do it gentle, nigga..." Fredro found his mind almost trying to back out, justifying and assuming. His physical and sexual needs spoke louder, his hands tight on Stickys shoulders."Yeah, yo know I will, nigga. Just relax yo. It aint gonna hurt...I promise."Fredro found reassurance in those eyes again, in the soft skin under his hands. Already a new sensation burned against his stretched asshole, the center between his widespread legs. The short black couldnt believe the reality, but knew there was no other explaination. His mind paniced again, spelling out the physical impossibilities poised at him.He felt the tightening in Stickys strong body before the discomfort in his ass. Fredro Preteen Naked grunted. Soothing words quickly followed, as Sticky kissed against his lips, drawing him back into a warm, now familiar calm. Fredro was lost again to those lips as muscles tightened, his asshole widening, opening. His ass began to protest, Sticky slowing, stopping, then working against him again, with strange skill.Fredros hands gripped tightly against those hard muscles, feeling each push within his embrace and against his ass. Something gave suddenly, Fredro grunting hard against Stickys tight kiss. His ass clamped, tightening against Stickys huge head as it popped inside his crushing right of muscle. Fredro could smell the alchole again, as Sticky breathed heavily through his nose, still kissing noisily at his thick lips.Gentle motions slowly pressed that thick cock further, deeper. Fredro heard Stickys whispers to relax again, as he broke the kiss, pushing a little firmer. Light skinned muscles tightened and relaxed as slowly Stickys thick rod made its long passage."Open up fo' me, nigga," Fredro heard words take form in his strange mist of pleasure and pain. The voice calmed him, familiar, the source of pleasure and fantasy. "Let me in....yeah....Ima do it fo' yo up fo' me Shorty....yeah I know yo like dat name, huh?"Something inside Fredro melted open to Stickys voice, his body, his spear of thick flesh. The two youths gasped, as Stickys fat shaft glided smoothly to burning depths inside Fredro. Everything seemed to pound to Fredros senses, his heart, his cock. Against his chest, Stickys heart throbbed, inside him, impossibly, his huge manhood, reminding Fredro of his presence with every heartbeat."Yeah....yo like dat Shorty?" Sticky asked. His voice came as heavy and ragged as Fredros, their bodies burning against each others. "Yo aiight Shorty?""Yeah....""Did yo fantasize bout us doin' dis?"Fredro nodded, sweat rolling of his bald head. "Yeah...."Fredro gazed at those dark eyes again. Something made him pull his stocky friend close, tight. His thick lips took Stickys again. There was no trace of anger, doubt, fear. Only warmth, intense, throbbing pleasure. Fredro let out moaned, barely ledgible words as Sticky began his gentle backstroke." yo....damn...." Fredro clung to Sticky, calling again as he began moving against him in a smooth, quicker rhythm."I know Shorty....Ima make love to yo in every way yo ever dreamed...."Fredro felt the warmth of the sex taking him, fulling him like he was slowly lying down in a hot tub. Stickys strong body moved over him, like the same fluid motions of water. The short youth lay panting under him, as Stickys penis rode the rhythmic motions of intercourse against his asshole. His pants rose to match Stickys and the strokes of his dick inside his tight center.Fredro writhed as the motions increased. His body slowly opened more to Stickys sex, as the stocky youth rode harder, faster. He kept his motions controlled, easy, watching for discomfort. Sticky saw only the unexplainable pleasure felt by a virgin losing his. Fredros mouth moved in moans, unspoken words of pleasure, thanks, pleeding. His hands locked on Stickys strong body as his friend muttered soft words, calling him "Shorty" over and over.Fredro felt the flames shooting over his body again and again as Stickys fat member took his virginity. A sudden heat flared in his own, wetness saturating him and Sticky in strong washes of warmth. Fredro felt Stickys thick shaft in a new, unfelt light as his ring squeezed with each swift wave of semen. He felt Stickys shifting length, his size, the gradual but firm hardening and swelling. A burst of fire took his insides, Sticky groaning hard with his release above him.Fredro felt as drained as his friend as the sex subsided. The warm burn of liquid deep inside him fulled him in ways he never thought possible, slowing after an eternity. The pleasure gave way to ragged pants, burning sweat, slicked muscles. Fredros loose ass released that devirgining member softly, caressing its long, loosening length, milking its cream."Fuck!" Sticky panted, lying with Fredro. "Ah fuck Shorty. Fuck I love dat....fuck, I love YO....I shoulda worked dis shit outta yo soona, nigga....I know we both needed dat shit...""Yo told me yo never though about guys," Fredro grinned. It barely seemed to make any difference, barely worth even mentioning. "Or tasted yo cum, or ANY of that shit, man!""Yo, I needed to get a rise outta yo, Shorty," he explained. Fredro felt that big penis nestling against his, sweat and cum mingling. "So I could getta chance to get anutha rise outta yo..."Fredro smiled, getting the reference. He didnt care what he had said, what he had done. He didnt care about the humiliation. It was worth it to feel that afficial nastee. His fantasies come to life.In the dimness of the room, blunt smoke all but gone, Fredro embraced Stickys sweaty, heavy body again. Their lips met again, as Sticky wrapped his arms around his friend again. Sticky sucked again on those thick lips. Tasting his Shorty.
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